LS Intranet: the Corporate Life Calendar

LS Intranet Internal Corporate Portal & Corporate Media has recently evolved and now contains significant changes designed to optimize the corporate life of Employees. One such change is the Calendar of Events function. Its task is to greatly simplify the process of planning and participation in events important for both the Company and the Employees.

Not only the LS Intranet Calendar of Events tool do allow you to view scheduled events, but also to add them directly to your personal calendar in Microsoft 365 Outlook. We have made the LS Intranet Calendar interface intuitive: Users can easily mark events of interest to automatically set reminders to be sent prior to a particular day. In addition, you can put likes to events, and then the Organizers will understand how popular this event is among Colleagues.

The main purpose of this tool is to provide Employees with convenient access to corporate events in order to involve them in active participation in the Company’s life. As it directly affects the corporate culture, strengthening team spirit and developing traditions between Colleagues to help each other.

Let's imagine that HR Managers are planning a series of training courses for Employees. In the Calendar of Events, they easily create an event, add all the necessary details, and even attach training course materials. Employees, after viewing the description of the event, click on the Outlook icon and automatically add this event to their personal calendar. Now they will not lose this event among their other activities and will even be able to prepare for participation in advance. This approach eliminates the need to send a series of e-mails to numerous recipients, and therefore greatly simplifies the organization process.

In addition, the Calendar allows you to easily organize corporate parties, trips, and guided tours, which are an important part of team building. This does help bring Colleagues together as it allows them to share positive impressions. Employees can learn in advance about those events planned by the Company and sign up for participation. To do this, Event Organizers can create an e-poll where the User gets to by clicking on the name of the event. Or you can easily create a separate event page on the portal and manage the registration of those who want to attend the event there.

The Calendar of Events also displays important dates and anniversaries for the Company. So that the Employees do not miss such remarkable corporate events and together celebrate the key moments of the Company's history.

In short, the Calendar of Events in the LS Intranet Internal Corporate Portal is an indispensable tool for planning and participating in corporate events. Thanks to it, Employees always have convenient access to information about important events, Organizers have maximum control over the event organization process, and Management understands which events best contribute to Team cohesion.

LS Intranet Calendar Module (left) and particular event preview (right)


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