You are now an owner of Microsoft 365 and/or Azure!
So, what is next?



The experience of our Clients shows that competent adaptation of employees to software that is unfamiliar to them and optimization of business processes with newly emerging tools can take several years.

The question is: how to shorten this path and get the most out of your investment in a new platform much faster?

The answer is: following the five points offered by Lizard Soft consultants.

This means:

  1. Microsoft 365 Adoption Program, developed by Lizard Soft experts
  2. Business consulting on ACM (Adoption Change Management)
  3. Workshops on employees development based on Microsoft methodology
  4. Trainings both for users and administrators
  5. Performing technical work on deployment, configuration, and customization of Microsoft 365 services to meet the needs of the Customer's business.

For Clients with more than 150 licensed seats, we have prepared special free offers for Microsoft 365 key services development that are available under the Fast Track Ready Program.

This will help you get the most out of your Microsoft 365 experience without spending extra money.


  1. Seven Golden Competencies from Microsoft, including Cloud Productivity (Microsoft 365) and Cloud Platform (Microsoft Azure).
  2. Advanced Specialization in Modern Workplace (Microsoft 365).
  3. Fast Track Ready Partner status, which confirms the high qualification of our specialists and the efficiency of their work.

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