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An important component of the concept of business continuity is the presence of a team that will quickly connect to the elimination of software failures and the elimination of their consequences. Our Technical Support will not only provide you with such an opportunity, but will also proactively engage in monitoring and preventing out-of-state situations.

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Even the very best IT system needs support

Often, the failure reasons are not software errors in the code, but infrastructure breakdowns or integration issues. In such cases, even after eliminating the cause of the failure itself, you also have to deal with its consequences.

Cloud platforms like Microsoft 365 or Azure are extremely stable. They are supported by a large staff of Microsoft employees. But these platforms are known for a huge set of functionality, constantly being updated and improved. You would need a whole staff of expensive professionals to be constantly aware of new products and choose precisely those functions that will be most useful for a particular business.

To ensure maximum efficiency of using the software, as well as to reduce the risks of downtime of the company in case of failures and errors, are the main tasks of our Customer Support Service.

Benefits of our Customer Support services

  1. Our Service work is based on the principle of a three-level response:

    • All incoming requests without prioritization are reviewed and analyzed by the Service's specialists within one business day. In critical situations, we guarantee a response within 1.5 hours.
    • If necessary, troubleshooting will be done by 2nd line technicians, Microsoft 365/Azure Certified Consultants, or Microsoft support specialists as part of our contract.
    • To solve the most non-standard cases, we involve developers with relevant industry expertise.
  2. Your projects are protected from repeated mistakes:

    • We record all requests in a single database and assign them a unique number. This is how we monitor the most frequent failures and issues in the system in order to further improve it and make it more reliable, convenient, and productive.
  3. You can always track your problem-solving process:

    • The progress in solving the problem is fully controlled by the first-line technical support specialist: requests are assigned priority, status, and response time. There is a person responsible for implementation.


The work of our Technical Support Service is focused on both the elimination of critical problems and the solution of current issues that arise when using and administering the supported software.

We provide:

  • consultations on software operation matters
  • audit, preventive diagnostics
  • recommendations on settings or improvements
  • making adjustments or modifications
  • educational training
  • recommendations on development

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