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Despite solid functionality, the Microsoft 365 and Azure platforms do not always allow covering business needs with standard means. In such cases, a service for the development of unique applications for the needs of your business will come in handy.

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Software development

It doesn't look like among those involved in IT there are ones who doubt that this industry demonstrates a stable upward trend and impressive resilience against the backdrop of global and local crises.

But still, the numbers tell it all:

According to Statista, the global IT outsourcing market will reach $395 billion in 2022. During 2022–2027, the market volume is expected to grow by 8.26% annually, and in 2027 it will reach $587.3 billion.

Ukraine is one of the fastest growing countries in this market with a growth rate of 27% per year, which is 3.5 times higher than the growth rate of the market itself. According to IT Ukraine, in 2021, IT services exporters attracted $6.83 billion to our country.

What the services of external companies are beneficial with in IT solutions development

The high growth rates of the global software development outsourcing market are due to several advantages for Customer companies:

  • Opportunity to focus on core business.

    In fierce competition conditions, businesses in various fields of activity strive to devote as much attention and time as possible to the implementation of core functions, entrusting the realization of auxiliary processes to outsourcing companies.

  • Outsourcing staff's high level of qualification.

    Specialized companies continuously invest in improving the skills of their employees, which allows them to perform similar tasks in less time and with higher quality.

  • Cost optimization.

    Unlike full-time employees, services of outsourcing companies are paid only upon the fact of work performed, there is no need to pay salaries if there are no current tasks.


An integrated approach

The Company's best practices in development, our professional Project Management Team, and Quality Assurance Team (QA) are the basis for the success of cooperation and ensure that tasks will be completed within schedule and budget.

Own infrastructure for project management

Our team is provided with all the necessary tools to ensure joint development. With Azure DevOps, we enable analysts, developers, and QA to work in a single environment. Dokflow and key workflow for interaction with the Customer are implemented in Microsoft 365.

Extensive experience in software development

During the existence of the Company (since 2010), we have managed to accumulate a variety of experience in developing software solutions for Customers from various sectors of the economy. We are ready to offer our Clients the most optimal theoretical and practical approaches to information systems creation and implementation.

Quality Assurance

Our services are certified according to ISO 9001:2008 international standards and comply with the Quality Management System requirements regarding the development, testing, and implementation of software, and the delivery of consulting services in the information technology field.

Transparency of work at all stages of the project

The implementation of the project is accompanied by the complete set of documentation prepared for each stage. This guarantees the necessary transparency of work for the Customer, facilitates the implementation, and enables to replace developers if necessary.


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