Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform that allows you to quickly scale the capabilities of your office infrastructure and enterprise applications as your business grows.

Platform capabilities can be conditionally divided into two categories: infrastructure (IaaS) and service (SaaS).

Azure infrastructure capabilities include cloud virtual machines, storage, networks, operating systems, and security. With their help, you can deploy both additional storage and data processing or backup servers, as well as virtual machines for employees in a few clicks.

The Azure platform also provides more than 200 services focused on the rapid development and management of enterprise applications. Here you can create the database you need in 2 minutes, deploy hosting, development and testing environments, and set up an automated process for your applications to be constantly improving.

Among the services provided by Azure, cognitive services stand apart (searching based on the peculiarities of the language structure, translations, computer vision, speech recognition, etc.), Artificial Intelligence services and security services. Using them, you can almost instantly increase the functionality or protect your corporate applications from hacking.


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