Artificial Intelligence Implementation

In 2023, the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) have grown so much that it is already transforming the business environment. Companies that have already integrated AI into their processes gain a great competitive advantage by significantly reducing the time to complete certain industrial workloads and optimizing operational costs.


To fully use the potential of AI, it is necessary to adapt Employees and find ways to integrate new technologies into current business processes. This is why the knowledge and experience of Lizard Soft specialists are needed.


  1. Microsoft 365 Copilot Adoption Program – a program based on Change Management approaches that will help you plan and control the necessary changes and smoothly integrate AI into your daily operations.
  2. Training and workshops for Employees on the usage of the ChatGPT-based product to provide the necessary skills to work with AI.
  3. Business consulting for optimal use of AI in business processes, considering your business specifics.
  4. Routine tasks automation with AI to free up time to work on strategic tasks.
  5. Corporate Knowledge Bases and AI search systems development for instant and maximally effective access to information.
  6. AI Assistants (chat-bots) development to support Employees and Customers.
  7. Intelligent document processing for fast and accurate data analysis.
  8. Smart Call Centers creation for maximum service efficiency and Customer satisfaction increase.


Our Team is not only AI experts but also Microsoft-certified specialists, who are in love with innovations and have deep knowledge of Microsoft technologies. We provide a comprehensive approach – from strategy to implementation – and co-work with you at every stage of AI implementation to achieve the best results.

Thanks to our expertise and experience, we help Companies quickly adapt to the latest technologies, minimize risks, increase the productivity of employees, and strengthen the innovative potential of business.

With Lizard Soft, you get not only technological solutions but also a Strategic Partner for your business.


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