We\'ve Got the Teamwork Deployment Specialization from Microsoft!

The Lizard Soft Company has successfully expanded its range of specializations: recently we received the Teamwork Deployment distinction, which is the second one after Adoption and Change Management.

The Teamwork Deployment Specialization confirms our experience in the implementation of Office | Microsoft 365 according to the methodologies approved by Microsoft Engineers. To achieve this distinction, we fulfilled several requirements and engaged several Lizard Soft Teams. And even our Clients.

The requirements for receiving the Specialization included the need to have a Solutions Partner designation in Modern Work and strict performance indicators:

  • Achieve at least 2,500 monthly active usage growth (MAU) in 3 out of 4 particular Teamwork services (Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, or VivaEngage) within the last 12 months.
  • Maintain an average of 20% active use by Clients of 3 out of 4 Teamwork services (Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, and VivaEngage) during the last 12 months.
  • Add at least 12 new Tenant Clients to one of the Teamwork services (Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams, or VivaEngage) within the next 12 months.

Certification requirements were also put forward. We had to have at least four people who passed the following certifications: two people to pass the M365 Messaging Administrator Associate certification and two other people to pass the Microsoft 365 Certified: Teams Administrator Associate certification. Just recently, our Employees completed these tasks.

Regarding feedback from Clients, everything was logical: with many of them, we have already gone through the entire process of implementing services and adapting Business Users. That's why we chose the three most interesting cases. Several Teams and even Top Management Persons were engaged in meeting with Customers, collecting their recommendations, and preparing and approving feedback. Right after the New Year's break, we submitted our application to Microsoft.

Soon it was approved!

In short, not only receiving the Teamwork Deployment Specialization confirms the high level of professionalism and competence of our Employees. And not only it expands opportunities in the field of teamwork deployment. This is also about new prospects for the development of our business. And new projects to which we now have access. This means we're on the way to new experiences, new discoveries, and new joint achievements! 


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