LS Intranet: why AI and traditional data search altogether is a must

What do you think, is impossible to function successfully without in modern corporate realities? Ok, coffee with cookies is #1 on the list. But in second place we'd put a quick search through data. Or even better – the most accurate results of this search. The advanced kind of Google should be everywhere: from work chats to the corporate portal.

Keeping this in mind, we implemented two approaches to data search in the LS Intranet Internal Corporate Portal: classical and intelligent. This is made possible by the latest Azure AI Search updates and generative Artificial Intelligence's innovative capabilities. And this way, we are sure, Companies get a powerful tool for optimizing work processes.

The usual search in the LS Intranet Portal continues working according to the classic principle. Users enter keywords and receive a list of links that match their query. This is suitable for those who are used to the traditional search interface and prefer independent analysis of the results. This method remains relevant for quickly searching for specific documents or information where keywords clearly define the query.

Instead, intelligent search goes beyond classical search using a vector approach and deep semantic understanding of queries. This type of search is not limited to a simple list of references but provides specific answers to the questions, using information from various sources. The intelligent search interface is more like a chat with an Expert: the User can enter queries in natural language, and the system instantly provides an answer by analyzing the context and content of the query. This approach allows you to significantly save time as AI analyzes and selects relevant information instead of you.

For example, an Employee asks, «What are the latest changes to the Company's vacation policy? » Intelligent search instantly analyzes the query and provides a specific answer. It contains, for example, extracts from documents, presentations, or messages where the specified changes are described. At the same time, if the Employee is used to the traditional search, they can go to the usual interface and get a list of documents containing the keywords «vacation policy».

In addition, the AI search in the LS Intranet Portal knows how to hyper-personalize. The AI of the Portal remembers information about the User to provide the most relevant answers. The search is being carried out not only through text but also images, PDF, video, and audio. And this significantly expands the information access possibilities. An important advantage is that Users do not need to learn the syntax of queries – it is enough just to enter questions in a natural language.

In short, using the innovative potency of the LS Intranet Internal Corporate Portal, Companies can provide their Employees with quick access to the necessary information, in a form convenient for the User, and with the maximum relevance of this search results. Intelligent search becomes an indispensable tool for those who seek to get specific answers to their questions without excessive analysis. While traditional search remains a reliable option for those who are used to the classic approach. Together, these two types of searches create a powerful hybrid tool that meets the needs of different categories of Users.

The fragment of the classic search interface in LS Intranet (left) and the intelligent search interface with AI chat


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