LS Intranet: User Behavior Tracking

Nowadays, that data content is being created, delivered, and gone instantly, it's really important to understand, in general, whether it's being noticed. Moreover, how this information was perceived by those for whom it was distributed. We offer the most modern way to understand the effectiveness of this work – our updated User behaviour tracking tool on the LS Intranet Internal Corporate Portal & Corporate Media.

Counters of views, popularity trends, likes, and comments on LS Intranet allow Portal Administrators and Content Managers to analyze User behavior in detail. With advanced filtering capabilities that include time periods (days, months, years), you can get a detailed view of how content is perceived and which topics interest Employees most.

  • Internal communications

One of the key use cases of this data tracking is improving the efficiency of internal communications. By analyzing the popularity of pages and the engagement of Users, it is possible to identify which formats (video, text, infographics, etc.) and topics attract the most attention. This allows Internal Communications Specialists to adapt their strategies to improve Employee awareness and engagement in corporate life.

  • HR tasks and feedback collection

Another important aspect is HR chores and feedback collection. Analyzing comments and likes can help HR departments understand how Employees respond to various initiatives, policies, or corporate events. This is important for identifying behavior patterns that may indicate potential problems in corporate life, including burnout or decreased motivation.

  • Development of the portal

Detailed analytic report is a key decision-making tool for the Management responsible for the portal strategy and development. Reports on User engagement and content popularity allow you to assess how effectively the portal performs its functions and achieves corporate goals. This helps to justify or adjust investments in the development of the portal.

  • Internal marketing and change management

Knowing how Employees respond to marketing campaigns or change initiatives allows you to tailor approaches and strategies accordingly. Analysis of reactions to content helps to understand what messages are best received by the audience, which helps to increase the effectiveness of further communications.

  • Statistics management

The collected statistical data is available through the Microsoft 365 Power BI business intelligence tool. Not only does it provide the possibility of online interaction with dashboards, but also a clear access rights distribution. Reports are adapted to each User role in the system, ensuring that access to information is strictly controlled and personalized.

This means that Managers, HR Specialists of the head office, and HR of subsidiaries or divisions can access the full or partial data set, depending on their needs and powers. Not only does this approach ensure the security of corporate information, but also allows Users with different levels of access to receive exactly the information they need for effective work. Without overloading them with redundant data.

In short, thanks to this comprehensive analytics tool on LS Intranet from Lizard Soft, Companies are given an extremely useful opportunity to understand the needs and interests of their Employees more deeply. And to quickly react to changes, optimizing their internal communication and marketing strategies to achieve the best results.

User behavior tracking data dashboard on the LS Intranet Internal Corporate Portal


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