LS Intranet: a Personal Profile to Express Your Uniqueness

From now on, thanks to the update on the LS Intranet Internal Corporate Portal each Employee can get their Personal Profile page as one more opportunity to declare themselves, as well as improve understanding and cooperation in the Team.

The Personal Profile is the User's digital business card in the corporate world, which the LS Intranet online space is. There can be displayed more than just basic information, such as contacts, position, and place in the hierarchical structure of the department. But also, for example, the professional skills of the Employee, their strengths, as well as personal interests, preferences, and hobbies.

Taking advantage of this opportunity is very simple: you fill in the information in your Profile, share your achievements and aspirations, and the system displays this data on your personal page. In this way, your Colleagues can quickly navigate your professional role in the Company and learn about your extra-curricular interests. We are certain that this will help to build stronger and more personal ties in the Team.

In short, the Personal Profile on the updated LS Intranet Portal helps to create a more in-depth and multifaceted profile of the Employee. And that would promote better acquaintance and cooperation within the Company. Thanks to this, each Employee can become more visible, and their uniqueness more valuable to the Team.

Personal Profile on the LS Intranet Internal Corporate Portal


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