LS Intranet: Vacancies Module for Talent Development

Our LS Intranet Internal Corporate Portal is now equipped with a strategic tool, the Jobs module. It is that bridge between current Employees and new career opportunities within the Company. A showcase for presenting perspectives considering the ambitions of Employees and their competencies and encouraging Employees to grow and develop.

The Jobs module is a new tool in the LS Intranet that displays current job opportunities within your Company. Moreover, in this case, the focus is on the potential of internal career growth of Employees and/or the attraction of qualified Candidates from their environment.

With this tool, Employees will be aware of new job positions. They will understand what areas of growth need to be worked on to get on the list of Candidates. They will improve their professional level and develop within their own Company. Additionally, in the Jobs module, there is an opportunity to attract professionals from the current Employees' network, if recommendations are given. This strengthens the trust and cohesion of the Teams.

How it works: your portal Business Administrators have full control over the module through the LS Intranet admin panel. They can add new jobs, set the terms of their display, activate or deactivate them depending on the needs of the Company. Jobs can be marked as «Hot» (urgent) or «New» to attract the attention of Employees. The letter can view and respond to offers right in the portal. This streamlines the application process and simplifies interaction with the HR department.

In short, the Jobs module in the LS Intranet portal not only opens up new opportunities for the professional growth of your Employees and the development of internal talents but also increases the efficiency of the recruitment process.

The Jobs widget on the LS Intranet Home page
The All Jobs page (on the left) and the Job viewing interface (on the right)


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