UniBot: a Directory of Services for Employees

Companies interested in the efficiency and engagement of their employees usually offer them a whole range of services. Among them are HR, IT, various production (specific to a certain branch of industry), or administrative services.

At Lizard Soft, such tasks are solved by the UniBot Virtual Assistant & Corporate Chatbot. There you can create a catalog of services with links to IT systems where these services are implemented. Or with the option to apply for receiving the service directly from the Unibot interface in Microsoft 365 Teams.

For example, you can offer employees such HR services as leave and business trips requests, performance reviews (review of the employee's qualification level with planning of their further career development).

Among the IT services, it could be implemented an IT Help Desk and the ability to order equipment purchase or upgrade.

Administrative services may include ordering business cards, stationery, or booking a company car.

Among production services for a legal company, it can be searching through court decisions using Artificial Intelligence based on ChatGPT. And for a medical center, there could be an AI assistant for the family doctor, that prepares the patient's brief information prior to a medical appointment.

It works simply: at the first step, the business administrator creates the appropriate dialogs and chatbot menu through the UniBot administrative part, which displays the necessary catalog of services. Next, each employee in their bot would see this menu and use any service through a single access window.

In short, when everything you need for work is at hand, work is being done faster and nicely.

The directory of services for employees interface


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