UniBot: Corporate Learning Library for a Fast and Seamless Onboarding Experience

If your company is growing rapidly, you are familiar with all the issues associated with this. Every month, the team is replenished with new people who need to be onboarded and integrated into the cultural corporate eco-system.

Thus, your HR managers are constantly busy answering the same questions and demonstrating "Newbie Presentations" over and over again. Obviously, in such a situation, you either need to increase the staff of the HR department or put up with the fact that new employees' adaptation will be delayed and lose quality.

Our solution, the UniBot Personal Assistant & Corporate Chatbot, allows you to create corporate learning libraries so that answers to a variety of questions are available to your employees almost instantly, at any time and without involving human resources.

To get an answer, an employee just needs to open the UniBot chat window and write a question in natural language in exactly the same way as if they were communicating with an HR manager. At this point, UniBot, using Artificial Intelligence tools, wiould process this question, find the most appropriate answer in existing knowledge bases, and deliver it to the employee within 1-2 seconds.

If there are several suitable answers according to the smart search, the UniBot will prompt the employee to clarify what was meant. By remembering these clarifications, the UniBot continues to learn and develop even without human intervention. Thus, with each subsequent question, the UniBot gives more and more relevant answers.

In short, your HR department can now focus on those much deeper and more creative tasks that a machine cannot yet cover.


UniBot Interface: corporate learning library


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