LS Intranet: Separate Domains with Succinct Links are Now Available!

The dream of many Customers — to deploy an internal corporate portal on a separate domain with a succinct web address — has become a reality! Now, with the updated LS Intranet Internal Corporate Portal architecture, portals' web addresses have become short and easy to remember e.g. 

Previously, Portal Owners had to deal with links like However, no more! From now on, combine the capabilities and benefits of SharePoint Online with the flexibility and customization to easily implement individual solutions.

Now LS intranet Users have got even more branding opportunities. For example, a large Corporation with branches worldwide can create a single corporate portal with a separate, unique domain for each branch. Thus, the entire portal would have a single style and structure but still provide creative autonomy to each branch.

Another case is a ompany for which it's important that the corporate portal address is easy to remember. A separate domain like is surely easy to remember! But at the same time, it isn't banal and gives a feeling of belonging to the Company with its uniqueness and corporate culture.

That's how it works: while setting up the LS Intranet Internal Corporate Portal, there is an option to set up a domain. Administrators can choose the domain they want, configure the appropriate DNS records and security certificates. After that, all links to the portal would look like

In short, LS Intranet Internal Corporate Portal's new capability allows businesses to create a more personalized corporate portal. Not only would this make it easier to use but let you adapt the solutions to each Organization's specific needs and requirements as well. And at the same time, maximum efficiency and integration with existing corporate systems will be ensured.


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