AI-UniBot: Flexible Knowledge Mining from Various Doc Formats

The search and analytical capabilities of UniBot Personal Assistant & Corporate Chatbot have been greatly enhanced! We have significantly updated the Knowledge Mining Factory function – an AI tool created to efficiently extract knowledge from various document formats (including docx, xlsx, pptx, pdf, jpg, tiff, mp3, mp4, etc.). From now on, your Administrators can fine-tune the knowledge extraction process according to your specific needs. Therefore, the extraction of information with the help of AI-UniBot has become even more effective, and the indexing process is faster and cheaper.

Knowledge Mining is a revolutionary property of Artificial Intelligence (AI), which AI-UniBot Personal Assistant & Corporate Chatbot is equipped with. It allows using various AI services to generate understandable data from a colossal amount of unstructured data.

The Knowledge Mining process consists of a certain number of steps that each document goes through sequentially before entering the semantic index. After the latest update in AI-UniBot, Administrators can customize the knowledge extraction process from documents by fine-tuning each step in the data processing chain. This means that they can choose exactly how the system should analyze the content – from the initial parsing of various formats files to translation, text segmentation (chunking), creation of semantic maps, and other process components. For example, in the case of analyzing documents that do not require translation, this step can be skipped. And this will speed up the overall processing and significantly reduce resource costs.

Let's consider how this can transform certain business scenarios:

  • In the case of internal policies and procedures where one language is usually being used, there is an option to disable the multilingual search and translation service. Not only does this optimize the speed of information processing, but also significantly reduces costs. In this way, HR Depts and Internal Policy Managers would be able to update and distribute important documents among Employees faster, which means that everyone will be aware of the latest changes in time.
  • Optimizing the FAQ system is becoming increasingly important for Customer Service Depts. By configuring AI-UniBot to generate short and precise blocks of text, Companies can significantly improve the efficiency of answering Customer questions. This will lead to a faster resolution of Clients' issues and an increase in their level of loyalty, as well as ease the Staff workload.
  • Legal firms working with large amounts of documentation would appreciate AI-UniBot's ability to accurately extract specific terms and paragraphs from massive paperwork volumes. This would make it easier to identify not only the necessary legislative norms or data but also evidence and facts, and that will contribute to the successful conduct of cases.
  • For in-depth research materials analysis, for example, in scientific research, the ability to show more context in documents is crucial. In this case, by adjusting the processing to extract longer parts of the text, AI-UniBot allows you to see valuable connections and nuances. This increases the accuracy of the analysis results and helps researchers to find important data «right here right now».

Updating semantic models is about improving search accuracy and reducing the number of errors. Administrators can quickly implement the latest models for creating semantic indexes. And this, we are sure, provides Companies with invaluable advantages: maximum results accuracy and quick access to the most relevant information.

In short, the updated Knowledge Mining Factory in AI-UniBot revolutionizes the way you can manage, analyze, and use large amounts of information. And the main advantage is flexibility, which is necessary to optimize search and analytical processes for specific business needs.


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