AI-UniBot: Text and Visual Responses to Prompts

The improvement of the functionality of AI-UniBot Personal Assistant & Corporate Chatbot has become even more noticeable! We introduced one more innovation – saving images from documents in the semantic index. Not only does AI-UniBot now analyze the textual content of pictures using Optical Character Recognition technology (OCR), but it also actually stores the image in the database. So, it allows our bot's Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide responses supplemented by visual content!

Let's consider how this innovation can be applied in various scenarios of corporate life. For example, the IT Support dept is often asked for help to solve technical issues. Before, Employees received only text instructions, which could be difficult to interpret correctly. Now AI-UniBot can provide instructions with an illustration that visualizes the steps to solve the problem. Not only does it increase the speed of request response. This also reduces the number of potential errors on the User's part that may occur due to incorrect understanding of the text instructions.

When it comes to training and introducing new Employees to corporate processes, visual content can significantly improve the onboarding experience. Visualization, for example, of corporate procedures or safety instructions would help Newcomers to faster understand and remember the necessary information. AI-UniBot would automatically send such visual materials, reducing the Instructors' and HR specialists' workload.

Let's think of marketing and sales areas where Client involvement is the key to success! Presenting a product using real-time images can significantly increase interest in it. In this case, AI-UniBot can provide potential Buyers with detailed, visualized product descriptions, enhancing their understanding of its features and benefits.

AI-UniBot is an indispensable advantage for Specialists working with technical documentation: they now can quickly access graphic charters, diagrams, and manuals directly through our chatbot. This will greatly ease their day-to-day work, as they can quickly get a visual reference with no need to go through the entire document.

In short, the image storage functionality integration into the semantic index in AI-UniBot adds a broader range of perspectives. As there are new opportunities for optimizing business processes in many areas. At the same time, the user experience only improves since interaction with the Corporate Chatbot is becoming more intuitive, simple, and effective.


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