AI-SafeDox: Instant Conversion of Papers into a Digital Case

In the digital age, paper documents no longer have the right to remain un-digitized especially if you can digitize them from anywhere, just with your smartphone.

That's why the SafeDox Adaptive Case Management Team has launched a new feature that allows you to create case cards directly from scanned documents. This became possible thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI) usage to recognize text and tabular data on images. This is how static papers can be transformed into dynamic cases. And now there is no need for a scanning machine.

Think of legal paperwork, medical records, or technical specifications. These documents are often so complex that their processing and analysis take considerable time. Not only does the new SafeDox function allow you to accurately extract key information from such complex documents. But also, automatically systematizes this information into structured cases. This is especially useful in industries where each Customer request is unique. After all, now, using AI, you can quickly generate personalized answers and actually optimize the service process.

In sectors where documentation is frequently updated with new information (such as engineering projects or scientific research), the ability to quickly create new cases or update existing ones becomes essential. This significantly improves project management and promotes efficient use of data.

The conversion of papers into a digital case works as follows: first, scan the document. This can be done both with a scanning machine and a mobile phone (for example, through the Microsoft Lense app). Next, in the SafeDox interface, select the Create + From existing doc option and upload a file with a scanned document. Only a few seconds later the system shows the case card. In it, the empty fields are already automatically filled with exactly the data that AI-SafeDox extracted from the paper document. After viewing and possible additions, just save the case card to work with it in the future.

This new feature in SafeDox significantly reduces docflow processing time, eliminates human factor data errors, and allows Employees to focus on more complex tasks. Not only does this approach save time, but also provides flexibility and adaptability in working with documents.

In short, the integration of AI into SafeDox Adaptive Case Management provides new opportunities in document processing and management. This is one more powerful tool for increasing your productivity in a variety of industries.

In the SafeDox interface, select the Create + From existing doc option and upload a file with a scanned document. Only a few seconds later the system shows the case card


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