LS Intranet: Scheduled Publications to Save Content Managers Time

Improving business processes and increasing employee productivity are always topical issues for Lizard Soft. We are interested in making the work routine as easy as possible not only for our Financial Managers, Lawyers, Accounting, and Administrators but also, of course, for our Communications Team. They cover important events of the Company, monitor key news in the industry, timely congratulate Coworkers on significant dates, publish announcements and statements, etc. With them in mind, we launched Artificial Intelligence (AI) in LS Intranet, which can generate texts and/or create images right in the HTML editor of the portal. But we also developed and are pleased to announce the launch of the scheduled publications function in our LS Intranet Internal Corporate Portal.

This feature, we believe, will save time and effort for the Communications Team in all possible circumstances. First, the Content Manager would create text and/or visual content when it is convenient for him/her, without being tied to a specific time of publication. Secondly, with the help of this tool, regularity of communications is maintained, ensuring that posts are published, let’s say, every Monday at noon. And this will contribute to the creation of a predictable and clear information flow schedule for Employees. So Colleagues will know exactly, for example, when they will be informed of structural changes in the organization (which everyone has been gossiping about for quite some time, but with no accurate data) or what days off have been defined by the top management for the holiday period.

Another quite important advantage is the opportunity for the Content Manager to focus on the coverage of event-based materials. That is, those that can hardly be written in advance. For example, news from an industry event in which your Organization representatives participated. Or a corporate party review. While the Communicator works on the writing and visual design of certain event-based content, regular publications, prepared and scheduled in advance, are posted automatically and on time on the portal. Of course, just like regular posts, all event-based posts can also be scheduled.

How does it work? When creating a post in the HTML editor of the portal, the Content Manager selects the option of scheduled publication and indicates the desired date and time of the publication. The system saves the material and publishes it automatically at the specified moment, allowing the Communications Manager to focus on higher-priority tasks.

In short, the new scheduled publications feature in LS Intranet is about flexibility in managing corporate information flows. This is a must-have for a modern Communicator as from now on the Team will be able to optimally plan their work activities: time for priority tasks will be allocated exactly when it is necessary and/or convenient. And tasks that can be automated will no longer require the presence of a Content Manager. Thus, the regularity, relevance, and quality of internal communications will maximally contribute to the achievement of their key goal: increasing the loyalty of the Employees to your business, and therefore increasing productivity.

LS Intranet HTML editor: scheduled publications interface (on the left) and scheduled publication setup interface (on the right)


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