LS Intranet: Increase News Views with Integration with Teams and UniBot

It is hard to imagine what could be scarier for a Communicator than seeing «0» in the «portal users for today» or «viewed the current news» column. Such risks prompted Lizard Soft to implement innovations that will change the way Employees interact with corporate news and resources.

Today, we present two of the latest solutions for the LS Intranet Internal Corporate Portal: integration with the popular Microsoft 365 Teams platform and integration with our product, UniBot Personal Assistant and Corporate Chatbot.

Integration with Teams allows you to open LS Intranet directly in the Teams interface, using a single sign-on system (SSO) and other conveniences that many Users have already come to love. And all thanks to the specially developed Teams app. This means you can view the latest corporate life news, events calendar, and other key resources without leaving Teams.

Integration with UniBot further expands communications capabilities. When a news story is published on the LS Intranet, it is automatically sent to all UniBot Users. This not only ensures that the news is delivered to every Employee but also significantly increases the number of views of internal communications pieces. That way no one will miss important updates and announcements!

In short, the integration of LS Intranet with Teams and UniBot is a step forward in ensuring effective communication within the Company. Now every Employee will be able to stay up-to-date using familiar tools. And Communicators will receive powerful functionality for engaging the audience. With these innovations, the statistics of views on the LS Intranet portal will definitely not remain at zero!

News published on the LS Intranet (on the left) is automatically sent to all UniBot Users. Users receive it in a convenient messenger. For example, Microsoft Teams (on the right)


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