AI-SafeDox: Archives Intelligent Systematization

Inefficient systematization of documents in archives is an issue faced by businesses quite often. The main reason, we think, is that until now the systematization of documents required significant labor costs: each received contract had to be scanned, its electronic card created, manually filled in all the attributes of this contract, etc. This required time and sometimes even an entire department to digitize documents.

Therefore, the search for the necessary documents became more and more difficult, and the time the Employee spends on finding the necessary data is getting longer and longer. However, now both of these issues are easy to fix: thanks to the intelligent processing of documents in SafeDox Adaptive Case Management, companies can quickly organize their documentation.

After implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the system, SafeDox applies intelligent algorithms to recognize the type of document, select the necessary parameters (metadata), and store documents together with this information in the corporate storage. An additional advantage is the ability to store document metadata directly in Azure AI Search, a hybrid multi-cloud environment. This allows you to quickly and accurately search through metadata and text of documents and even through images or videos (such as webinars or design drawings).

The intelligent processing works like this: once a document is uploaded into the SafeDox system, its text is recognized, and key parameters are classified and stored together with the document. This data can be used for full-text search via Azure AI Search, which greatly simplifies the process of finding the required information.

In short, the SafeDox system now greatly simplifies documentation management and significantly speeds up access to exactly those documents in the archive that are needed. And this means the productivity of each Employee, due to the freed time, can increase significantly.

The diagram of intellectual processing and systematization of paper or electronic documents archives in SafeDox ACM


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