SafeDox: Automating Vacations Requests

During quarantine and martial law, when most of the employees work remotely, even the most conservative businesses and government structures have understood the need to transfer HR processes online.

Fortunately, even in these times, one of the most popular pre-war requests, vacation, is still in demand. Therefore, automating it is a topical issue.

SafeDox Adaptive Case Management already has a built-in module that allows you to automate the process of approving and fixing leave in a corporate database. The employee can apply through the SafeDox web interface right from a cell phone or through UniBot v.2 Virtual Assistant & Corporate Chatbot. They just need to fill in the dates of the vacation, its type, and to indicate additional approvers.

Then the application goes along a predetermined route, which usually includes: an HR department representative, a direct manager, heads of functional departments, etc.

After approval, an application is created in the form of a PDF document, which would be sent to the applicant for signature. This could be done with a digital signature in LSDS Portal, a Lizard Soft web app, which doesn't need to be installed: it's enough just to follow the link emailed.

The last stage involves the recording of vacation information in the relevant corporate systems. The entire process happens online and, if there are no delays with approval, takes a few minutes.

In short, we all understand bureaucratic processes are a necessary component of any developed organization. Let them last only a few minutes in your company!

Leave request form in SafeDox


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