AI-UniBot: Human Resources Crisis Management

Now, identifying signs of burnout and other issues that can reduce productivity or even cause the dismissal of Employees is handled by the AI-UniBot Personal Assistant & Corporate Chatbot equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI). It already helps Companies respond to critical signals promptly, providing support to Employees and keeping a positive working environment.

One of the real cases with the use of AI-UniBot happened with Ihor (name changed). He is a mid-level Employee who began feeling the signs of burnout. While communicating with AI-UniBot's virtual HR, Ihor mentioned he needed a vacation. But at the same time, he expressed concern about the toxic person who joined the Team recently. He admitted that because of this, it becomes increasingly difficult for him to come to work, and his motivation drops rapidly. AI-UniBot automatically analyzed this texting and identified patterns indicating a state of crisis.

The system immediately notified the HR Person about the problem, and they promptly intervened. Ihor was given support, a meeting with a psychologist was organized, and Ihor was offered a temporary change in his working environment. After the vacation, with renewed vigor, Ihor returned to work, having regained his energy and productivity. The situation with the toxic Colleague was also resolved, which had a positive effect on the overall atmosphere of the Team.

Another case is about Olena (name changed). She has worked for the Company for almost five years and has always been one of the best Employees. However, recently, while texting via AI-UniBot, she began to often mention exhaustion, lack of motivation, and even considering changing her workplace. UniBot detected these patterns and alerted the HR Person to a possible crisis. They spoke with Olena individually, clarified her problems, and offered several solutions. Such as flexible work schedules and additional opportunities for professional development. Olena remained with the Company and returned to her usual level of productivity.

The AI-UniBot functionality also allows the HR dept to specify additional behavior patterns to be detected and set triggers for immediate notification of potential problems. Thus, HR Employees would respond promptly to signs of burnout, conflicts, or other issues that may arise among Colleagues. That's how the Company keeps its valuable Employees and maintains a healthy working climate.

In short, the new functionality of UniBot v2, the intelligent analysis of texting, helps Enterprises to identify and promptly respond to signs of burnout and other problems affecting the Employees' performance. Thanks to this, Companies can provide the necessary support to their Employees on time, maintain their productivity, and avoid the loss of highly qualified personnel.


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