LS Intranet: a Story about the Humane Corporate World

Vasyl Grygoriev 
Lizard Soft GM

Every time we celebrate the increase in business volumes, we consciously or subconsciously prepare ourselves for the associated challenges. And one of them is improved management of increased capacities. Let's talk about it, taking as an example the Holding, which unites dozens of Companies with various fields of activity. Each Company has its own history, culture, and structure. But the common goals and objectives of the Holding require unity and synergy of them. This is where the AI solution from Lizard Soft, the LS Intranet Internal Corporate Portal & Corporate Media will come in handy.

Let's imagine an Employee named, for example, Maria. Maria performs roles in two different Holding Companies. Thanks to access to the LS Intranet, she can immediately see her various responsibilities and interact with Colleagues from both Companies without any obstacles. That's how, with the integration, her working day becomes more productive and less stressful.

Now let's mention an HR manager named, let's say, Nazar. He supports HR processes throughout the entire Holding. For him, issuing a leave to Employees who work in several affiliated structures simultaneously was a real ordeal. Now, thanks to SafeDox, Lizard Soft's Adaptive Case Management tools integrated into LS Intranet, approving such requests has become a much simpler process for Nazar.  Now he receives a single request from an Employee who is, for example, an IT director in one business and a Project Manager in another business. And in this request, all positions of the Applicant are already indicated. All the Deputies for each position can be specified. After that, SafeDox ACM automatically figures out all Managers, builds the correct chain of approvals, and generates the necessary e-documents. That's why, thanks to the integration between LS Intranet and SafeDox, Nazar spends only a few minutes on routine tasks and as much time as needed on solving more complex tasks.

Hanna, the Manager of a new project, is looking for a team of Developers for this initiative. Instead of wasting time and resources on drawing external specialists, she enters the Organizational Structure module on the LS Intranet, uses the search tool, and finds a team in another Company of her Holding.  Not only did it make it possible to start the implementation of the project much faster but also saved funds within the Holding.

An experienced and ambitious marketer Kyrylo works in one of the holding's affiliated businesses. He completed one more training course and would like to try it as a Manager. But his Company is not that big, so there are no growth opportunities for Kyrylo in its structure. However, thanks to LS Intranet, he can review all jobs in the Holding and find new career prospects. Not only does this help the Employee in career growth, but also retains talent within the organization.

The News, Birthdays, New Employees, Promotions widgets on LS Intranet can display information both at the level of the entire Holding and at the level of its particular Companies. This allows Employees of, for example, Company A to feel like a part of a large family, celebrating the achievements of Company B. At the same time, Company A, as well as the rest of the businesses in the structure of the Corporate Portal, also has its own digital space, its website.

This approach makes it possible to build a strong corporate culture based on a sense of belonging to the entire Holding, without losing the features of each other Enterprise. This is how a sense of unity is being created among the Employees of various Holding Organizations.

The story of LS Intranet Internal Corporate Portal & Corporate Media is not just about software. It is about how technology can change the way we work, communicate, and develop within large Organizations. It shows how innovation can help create a single, cohesive environment where every Employee feels like an important part of a large corporate family. It is about how to change the corporate world, making it more productive and humane.

Personal Account interface on the LS Intranet portal (to the left), from where you can apply for leave from all positions with a single application (to the right) thanks to integration with SafeDox Adaptive Case Management


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