UniBot v2 ChatGPT Edition: No Data Leakage Through AI Algorithms

Artificial Intelligence (AI) captured the business environment that quickly primarily because it is a key tool for optimizing business processes. For example, AI can analyze massive amounts of data faster and more efficiently than a human. AI can automate routine and repetitive tasks, freeing up Employees' time for more complex and creative tasks. AI helps make more reasoned decisions because it can identify trends and patterns that may go unnoticed by human Analysts.

But AI can inadvertently share the data it learned. But this risk has already been eliminated by the developers of the intelligent UniBot v2 ChatGPT Edition.

Risks of working with public AI services

Artificial Intelligence algorithms are often trained on confidential (corporate) data. In case of incorrect management of this information or due to vulnerabilities in the security system, unwanted access to this data may occur.

In addition, there is a possibility of misuse of personal data while processing requests of third parties if AI is not properly configured to ensure privacy and compliance with data protection regulations. These are the main risks of using popular, conditionally free AI services.

This became the reason for banning the use of public ChatGPT in many enterprises and even in EU countries.

But these risks do not work in the case of using AI UniBot v2 ChatGPT Edition, the «smart» Personal Assistant & Corporate Chatbot from Lizard Soft.

UniBot v2 ChatGPT Edition: Security of corporate data

UniBot v2 ChatGPT Edition uses the advanced capabilities of Azure OpenAI to create a secure and private environment where AI can perform a variety of tasks directly in Microsoft 365 Teams. At the same time, the User's requests will be processed in the data center chosen by the Customer. And Microsoft guarantees that such requests, as well as the responses to them, will not be used for AI training. This means that they will not be available to Users outside of your Company. Your data is your property, securely protected in Microsoft Azure.

UniBot v2 ChatGPT Edition: Processing of personal data

The ability to choose European data centers for work means that the personal data of Users will be processed only in data centers on the territory of the EU – this is exactly what the norms of EU legislation dictate. Instead, public OpenAI processes data in data centers in the US. For businesses that are increasingly cooperating with the EU, this issue is becoming increasingly relevant every year.

UniBot v2 ChatGPT Edition: Introducing AI

Implementing UniBot v2 ChatGPT Edition does not require a complex setup or additional investment. It can be easily installed in the Teams app for all Users in your Enterprise or only for selected groups of Users. After that, UniBot v2 ChatGPT Edition will be available through the regular Microsoft Teams client: interaction with the bot will take place in the familiar Teams interface on a desktop, in a browser, or from a mobile device, which significantly lowers the barrier to entry for all Employees.

UniBot v2 ChatGPT Edition: convenient purchase, «smart» payment

UniBot v2 ChatGPT Edition itself is free for Lizard Soft Customers, but its deployment requires certain infrastructure that can be purchased through existing Azure contracts. And you only need to pay for the used amount of AI capacity, not a fixed amount per month.

In short, UniBot v2 ChatGPT Edition is a powerful corporate AI tool that ensures maximum data security and helps your teams function as productively as possible. At the same time, the bot does not require additional costs and complex settings. Now it is definitely not worth working under conditions of restrictions and risks associated with public services! UniBot v2 ChatGPT Edition is in every sense your «smart» choice!


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