AI-LS Intranet: Publications Templates & Unique Visual Creatives

In today's world, the speed of delivery and the quality of information have already become a must-have for any media that values its reputation and the opinion of its readers.

To make it much easier and faster to follow both of these approaches, we implemented two innovations for creating digital content in the intelligent LS Intranet Internal Corporate Portal. The first one will greatly simplify and speed up the creation of text publications. The second one is for making visual creatives to illustrate texts.

Our LS Intranet Internal Corporate Portal now supports Artificial Intelligence (AI) request templates and is integrated with DALL-E 3 advanced AI image generation technology.

AI request templates for LS Intranet publications are an incredibly useful detail that any Content Manager will appreciate. This feature allows you to create and store, refine and reuse AI queries used to generate textual content in the LS Intranet HTML editor.

Therefore, a publication template is created only once for a specific section (for example, a template for news) with the text parameters you need i.e. length, style, tone of voice, use of emoji, and other key components. The system saves this template under the name, for example, News. And the next time you create a news story, you simply choose this template, set a topic and a few important points, and instantly receive content generated according to the desired parameters, ready for publication!

The same templates can be created, for example, for the publication of jobs, greetings, reports, etc.

Thus, the new LS Intranet AI functionality allows Content Managers to quickly switch between different projects and types of content, from news to blogs, without having to re-set and configure each request.

Templates can also be shared within a Team. And this will contribute to the unification of the style and quality of content, regardless of authorship.

The second update is the introduction of the DALL-E 3 AI model for image generation: this opens up simply limitless possibilities for visualizing your ideas! DALL-E 3 is a real breakthrough in machine learning: it allows you to create fantastic (in every sense) images with high detail, color depth, dramatic lighting, and realism. In a matter of seconds, Content Managers can generate bright HD images that match the context and subject of the text content as much as possible.

And this is not only about the attractiveness and appropriateness of such images. It's also about saving resources that were to be spent on searching and purchasing relevant illustrations in external image banks. Now, without leaving AI-LS Intranet, where you just created texts, you can instantly create unique illustrations. At the same time, there are no copyright issues!

In short, the latest AI features of the LS Intranet Internal Corporate Portal embody a very appropriate combination of innovation and convenience to keep your Content Management Team working at full capacity. With such tools, every document, every publication, and every image will not only be created instantly but will also meet the standards accepted by your Company. Meanwhile, the time and effort of your colleagues will be spent many times less!

Working with LS Intranet Copilot AI in the HTML editor of the portal: publication template usage


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