UniBot: Knowledge Bases Creation and Management

UniBot Personal Assistant & Corporate Chatbot has been improved again: from now on, every Business Administrator can create and manage knowledge bases, which UniBot performs intelligent searching through. This makes it much easier to adapt the system to the specific needs of each certain business.

This innovative feature of UniBot provides Business Administrators with the ability to independently create and update information resources used by the system. In this way, the relevance and accuracy of the answers that the bot provides to Users is ensured: the system reacts to changes quickly, and information is updated almost immediately. So Users always have access to up-to-date and objective data.

Administrators can define information sources to search, such as SharePoint, Azure Blob Storage, and Azure Files. UniBot automatically indexes new and updated files, supporting a wide range of formats: office documents (docx, pptx, xlsx), PDF, images (jpg, png, tiff), audio files (wav, mp3), video files (avi, mp4), as well as text formats (txt, csv, html, xml, md). Then the bot uses Azure AI Search to store data in the knowledge base.

In short, the new UniBot v2 feature gives Customers a powerful tool for creating and managing chatbot-integrated knowledge bases. From now on, Companies can set up an intelligent search based on their own data that best matches the specifics of their business, without additional costs for the development of such a system and its support by IT specialists.


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