Microsofts Ukraine Relief Program is Extended

Microsoft has committed 540 million USD of support to those who have been impacted by the War in Ukraine and has already provided over 100 million USD worth of additional free of charge technology aid in 2023 for Ukraine as part of its Ukraine relief program. 

Microsoft will extend its Ukraine relief program in 2024 as outlined below.

Relief program 2024 Terms

  • For all eligible Customers: 3 months relief extension
    The eligible state-owned organizations and commercial businesses will get three months of relief, from January 1, 2024, till March 31, 2024.

We recommend using this extension to plan and optimize your costs for the period past April 2024. Our Consulting Team knows all the intricacies of Microsoft 365 and Azure licensing programs and will be able to advise on cost optimization. Please contact us at 

  • For certain state-owned organizations: a one-year relief extension
    The one-year relief program will cover some state-owned organizations such as some of:
    - central and regional authorities,
    - schools and universities, 
    - hospitals, 
    - entities operating in transportation and defense. 

Please note: Only existing Customers who received relief from March 2022 up to February 2024 will be eligible for relief past April 2024 (new Customers will not be eligible for relief).

So, if you were planning to implement Microsoft cloud technology, but postponed until the situation with the relief extension is clarified, please contact us at as there's little time left.

Customer’s Eligibility

All the Customers who participated in the Microsoft relief program 2023 with Lizard Soft are eligible.
To become a new participant with Lizard Soft, you must meet several conditions:

1. Have a legal entity registered in Ukraine and provide services on the territory of Ukraine.
2. This legal entity has to be owned by Ukrainian citizens or Ukrainian legal entities.
Please note: Microsoft reserves the right not to provide assistance to Customers who are 100% subsidiaries of foreign companies.

3. To sign the economic contract with Lizard Soft for the supply of relevant licenses.
4. Have the intention to use the number of licenses claimed by the Company.
5. Have a clear position regarding Crimea's belonging to Ukraine and recognize russia as an aggressor state.
Please note: Eligibility of each Customer is a matter of further clarification. Please contact us at for more details.

The range of technological assistance available from Lizard Soft

1. Temporarily free cloud licenses of Microsoft 365/Office 365 and related products.
Please note: the term «free» means the nominal cost of 0.05 UAH/ 0,0014 USD for any license per month without VAT.

2. Credit notes to cover the use of Microsoft Azure.
Please note: For as long as Microsoft provides relief, Microsoft reserves the right to change the program criteria and to monitor ustomers’ activity. 

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at!


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