AI Call Center: intelligent voice support

Voice support for users is quite a difficult task. It requires competent Agents, which are not only qualified in real time to conduct a professional dialogue with the User (who's not always in the mood and doesn't always speak the Agent's language with the correct accent). They should also simultaneously search for answers to questions in numerous knowledge bases or register requests in the IT system (for example, in SafeDox, Dynamics 365, or Jira) according to pre-established rules.

To make it easier for Agents, to increase the swiftness and quality of service, it is worth hiring in your call center... Artificial Intelligence.

Imagine that you are a Support Agent. The User calls you, a standard window appears on the screen with his basic data and your essential assistant, Artificial Intelligence.

In the first stage, the AI in real-time recognizes what the User is saying and displays the actual text or its translation into the specified language. You don't need to stress anymore if a person talks to you with slurred speech. There's no need to remember what was discussed two sentences ago, you can always review the transcript of the conversation and recall what was discussed earlier.

And so, the User has finished describing his situation and is asking for your help. Of course, you, as a regular Support Agent, cannot be an expert in all matters. So, with one button, you ask AI to analyze your conversation with the User, his request, summarize it and perform a search in all relevant corporate knowledge bases at once. The AI will process the found data and provide information or practical advice relevant to the current case.

For example, this time you discovered that the information system regarding which the User called has certain limitations. They are inconvenient and lead to slowing down the business process in certain situations. The User asks you to register a request for the system revision.

Previously, you'd have to open your case management system and fill in the text of the request following the User's dictation. But with AI, it all gets much simpler. Again, with just one button, you ask AI to create a short summary of your conversation, to determine the type of statement and its topic, to record the author and the name of the system that you discussed ... and fill in the other fields that are mandatory in this case.

This is how the AI processes conversations with Users and registers the request with one click.

In short, if you want to improve financial results, you shouldn't skimp on the qualifications of your Agents. It's better to hire an AI, which can take over the whole routine. And then watch your call center performance grow.


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