Unpacking the New Microsoft Teams App: Faster & Easier, Smarter & More Adaptive

Vasyl Grygoriev
Lizard Soft General Manager

Microsoft has announced the release of a new Microsoft Teams app for Windows. It is recognized as faster, simpler, and even more adaptive, which at the same time would improve and simplify communications and collaboration between users. In addition, the new Teams app will «cooperate» with Copilot Artificial Intelligence, Microsoft promises. Therefore, not only high productivity of interaction in Teams is expected, but also significant savings in time for tasks.


According to Microsoft specialists, the new Microsoft 365 Teams app generally works twice as fast and uses 50% less system resources. This is achieved by optimizing the architecture of data, network, chat, and video. Although the application's optimization is still in progress, it's already known that the new version significantly speeds up the launch of applications and joining meetings. For example, according to test data, the launch of the improved Teams application takes about 9 seconds, while the previous (classic) version launch takes about 22 seconds.

Download speed testing of Teams app: classic and new version


The new version of the Teams app has a simplified interface that allows you to find the features and information you need faster. In particular, now the chat in Teams works like chats in other usual messengers: posts appear at the top of the page, and to read the comments, you should scroll down. Also, there are color themes added for individual chats: by customizing avatars and themes, you can make your navigation much easier.

For greater user convenience, the ability to manage messages and organize channels and chats with fewer clicks has been added. The ability to join the meeting for those users who are not part of the company is also simplified.

Through the Loop application, you can work together in the interface of a certain application (for example, directly in the Teams chat) on tasks from another application (for example, Word for the Internet or Outlook). At the same time, all data will be automatically synchronized and stored on the server.

More adaptive

For users who work with multiple accounts, Microsoft has improved an authentication model, synchronization, and notification systems to provide a seamless and consistent experience. That's why it is now possible to work with Teams using multiple accounts, remaining signed in across them all, and receive notifications no matter which one you are currently using. This is especially useful for users who collaborate with partners across organizational boundaries.

One of the most favorite features of any messenger has also been improved: emojis. Now they can «interact» with each other as Microsoft believes that self-expression is important. I completely agree with them!

Interaction between emojis in the new Teams app


The new Teams app «collaborates» with Artificial Intelligence. One of them is Copilot for Microsoft Teams. It helps users compare and combine information from different sources, summarizes large data in several lines, answers questions, etc. The capabilities of Copilot will be continuously expanded, Microsoft promises.

Also, the «intelligent» UniBot v.2 by Lizard Soft already functions in the new version of the Teams app. Unlike Copilot, it knows a lot about your company. For example, it's familiar with company policies, standards, templates. It understands the organizational structure and can help not only with advice but also with the implementation of a certain task. For example, submit a leave request, approve a contract, or create a ticket for support service.

Leave request submitting in UniBot v.2


The Microsoft Teams app is a product that allows you to keep all communication and collaboration tools in one space. It has more than 100 000 customized apps, and more than 1900 ones, that can be added, are placed in the store. All of them, together with a wide ecosystem of certified devices and Teams rooms, help improve productivity and work efficiency.

The corporation expects that the roll-out of the publicly available new Teams app will take place already this year. Until then, there will be a «test period» when commercial customers using Windows would be able to try a public preview, which is already starting to roll out.

Lizard Soft, as a certified partner of Microsoft, is interested in ensuring that our Clients are always up to date with the novelties released by the corporation. I am certain that the new version of the Microsoft Teams app is a big step towards improving communication and collaboration within organizations. We're happy to encourage our Customers to try the new version of the Teams app and, thanks to feedback and suggestions, make it even better.

Please, contact our experts to learn more about the improved version of the Teams app and get inspired by its new possibilities!

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