Microsoft has temporarily extended free licenses until 2023

On November 3, 2022, at a meeting with the participation of the Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov, Microsoft announced the extension of support to Ukraine until the end of 2023 and the providing of technological assistance in the amount of 100 million USD.

As part of the mentioned program, Microsoft provides its certified partners with monthly credit notes that allow end customers not to pay for licenses purchased under business contracts agreed with Microsoft in the period from November 2022 till November 2023, inclusive. At the same time, since the total amount of assistance is limited, Ukrainian partners of the corporation are obliged to monitor the consumption of services received by end customers so that the provided technological assistance was used as efficiently as possible.

To become a member of this program with Lizard Soft, you must meet several conditions

1. Have a legal entity registered in Ukraine and provide services on the territory of Ukraine.

2. To be owned by Ukrainians or Ukrainian legal entities.
     Microsoft reserves the right not to provide assistance to customers who are 100% subsidiaries of foreign companies.

3. To sign the economic contract with Lizard Soft for the supply of relevant licenses.

4. Have the intention to use the number of licenses claimed by the company.

5. Have a clear position regarding Crimea's belonging to Ukraine and recognize russia as an aggressor state.

The range of technological assistance available from Lizard Soft

1. Temporarily free cloud licenses of Microsoft 365/Office 365 and related products.

2. Credit notes to cover the use of Microsoft Azure.
    At the same time, Microsoft reserves the right to refuse to provide credit notes in case of a significant Azure consumption increase in comparison to previous periods.

3. Licenses for on-premise products (such as Windows 11, Windows Server, SQL Server, etc.) for government customers or critical infrastructure enterprises.

4. Other Microsoft products that are available in the CSP and Open Value programs (please, check with the manager).

Important: the term «free»means the nominal cost of 0.05 UAH for any license per month without VAT until November 2023, inclusive.

How to get the technological assistance

1. Decide on the list of licenses that you'd need for effective work in 2023. This can be done both on your own and with the help of our specialists.

2. Contact the Lizard Soft manager (email at or contact your manager directly) and provide a list of licenses and consent to their use.

3. The Lizard Soft manager will form and submit an application for credit notes to Microsoft.

4. After the vendor's approval, sign a contract for the agreed amount of assistance.

5. Obtain licenses.

Important: please consider that the threat of cyber-attacks from the aggressor state and its allies is only growing. Therefore, for all companies without exception (and especially for companies on the list of critical infrastructure or law enforcement agencies), we consider it necessary to offer an upgrade to Microsoft 365 licenses so that you can implement the most modern tools for protection against cyber threats.

At the same time, the implementation of security measures always requires certain time and money investments from you. And with the assistance from Microsoft, 2023 is the best time to use a part of the budget saved on licenses for the much-needed protection of your company.

You are welcome to contact us so that our specialists help you to choose the best license packages from Microsoft and arrange your participation in the assistance program.


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