Would you like to own web-site like Ferrari has? It's easy!

SharePoint is well proved itself as platform for creating intranet solutions. At the same time, many who are not aware that by using SharePoint you can successfully create Web sites. A functional platform allows you to quickly create effective online resources, in terms of business

For what could be useful web-site on SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint allows effectively establish communications and the exchange of relevant information with the representatives of different target audiences:

  • Partner portal - a tool and a channel for marketing communicationswith the segmentingpossibility(ie, information about new products, services, special deals, etc.).
  • Portal for suppliers- support of the full cycle of relationships with suppliers, including document exchange, information and tracking of buying processes, supply and delivery.
  • Customer portal - branding of portal upon company's standards,notification on new products, services, special deals, including the principle oft argeting.

What are the capabilities of website on SharePoint?

  • branding of and creation of an individual user interface
  • content management
  • business intelligence
  • automation of business processes
  • powerful searching tools
  • usage of various business applications
  • Project Management
  • the power of video and multimedia
  • tools of socialization

What are the benefits of using Sharepoint to create websites?

  • high integration abilities with external systems (authorization systems, Active Directory, etc.), it is possible to create websites that are closely linked with an external infrastructure
  • high scalability of the system
  • flexible access rights, configurable authorization, multi-level access
  • the possibility of filling and content management
  • versioning, approval, publishing
  • safety at all levels

Why is it worth to create websites on SharePoint with us?

We have put together the best team of SharePoint specialists within Ukraine. Each one of them has a significant experience of implementing different solutions based on SharePoint platform. We are constantly improving our knowledge and skills, studying achievements of colleagues from all over the world. We are ready to assist you in creating such a website that will help you to adjust process of effective interaction with the representatives of key target audiences, thus saving time and resource costs.

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