Paws of Good

«Paws of Good» is a joint charity project of the NGO «Give a paw» (Znamyanka, Kirovohrad region) and Lizard Soft. We want to help volunteers improve the living conditions of homeless animals and eradicate cruel treatment of them. In the conditions of the war – unfortunately, but it was quite predictable – these problems only intensified.

As of now, the team of Bohdana Stoyan, head of «Give a Paw», consists of four volunteers who, together with her, answer calls, catch homeless dogs and cats, treat them and even assist the doctor while the sterilization procedures.

With the participation of NGOs, photo exhibitions of animals and «lessons of kindness» are held in schools and kindergartens. There, «Give a paw» volunteers teach, in particular, the rules of behavior with homeless animals, and home care for pets. And, of course, they show photos of animals waiting to be adopted and the results of their work: photos «before» and «after» four-legged homeless ones got into their shelter.

NGO «Give a Paw» exists on the donations of caring people. Lizard Soft regularly provides such support. We assume that cat and dog lovers are the most among IT people. Therefore, of course, we just could not remain indifferent to these pets.

220 kg of Animal Food for the «Give a Paw» Shelter Pets

«Give a Paw» shelter animals are having dinner.

Recently, with the financial help of the Lizard Soft company, the NGO «Give a Paw» volunteers purchased 220 kg of animal food for the amount of UAH 19,420 for their little inhabitants – cats and dogs living in the shelter. More than UAH 500 was spent on the purchase of meat offal.

This is usually enough for a month and a half, explains Bohdana Stoyan, head of the «Give a Paw» NGO. After all, not only «their» animals are fed in the shelter, but also postoperative ones. These are those four-legged homeless creatures that are sterilized in the shelter, kept until full recovery (from 4 to 15 days), and released to their previous place of residence.

Bohdana Stoyan, head of the NGO «Give a Paw»
«We may keep many cats one week, and more dogs the next one. It is difficult to foresee.

Of course, you can't guess how much each dog eats. Therefore, we always give larger portions than recommended. After all, animals are usually hungry. So, as long as we have them, we try to keep them as best we can.»

We at Lizard Soft always support the extra feeding of cats and dogs. After all, a well-fed animal that feels safe would never be aggressive. And they'd always strive to give their love to those around them. However, there's never too much love.