Microsoft SharePoint 2010We continue to improve our professional skills. The next step in this direction is our completion of the training on development of software applications on the basis of Microsoft SharePoint 2010. This allows us to offer professional development by using the entire feature scope of the new Sharepoint platform, in particular:

  • develop optimal strategies for the use of caching and sessioning in SharePoint applications to improve application performance
  • identify and implement best practices for representation of data, visual elements, software objects, and the strategy of multi-language applications
  • implement effective ways to access and store data
  • use the most successful methods to develop applications for implementation of client's goals
  • introduce the best data processing system
  • implement an effective strategy of implementation and deployment of applications
  • successfully use the strategy of team development of applications
  • develop a strategy for developing and deploying of updates in real-time mode while applications are run.

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