AI-UniBot is Upgraded to the Latest AI Models

UniBot Personal Assistant & Corporate Chatbot now uses the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) models from OpenAI: GPT-4o and OpenAI Embedding 3. Thus, AI-UniBot processes multilingual texts and graphics (illustrations) much faster and more accurately. This means that it will be able to provide more efficient and multifunctional service. At the same time, new opportunities have appeared to optimize the cost of AI work.

GPT-4o, an advanced AI model capable of handling text and images, generates text twice as fast as previous models. It is also significantly cheaper, so our Clients could save on costs. In addition, GPT-4o demonstrates the best performance in image recognition and non-English language processing. And this creates new opportunities for international businesses.

Accordingly, AI-UniBot significantly improved the interactivity of dialogues, especially in virtual HR assistants and the first line of support operations. For example, now, with the new options of multimodal input, Users can accompany their questions with screenshots – that's how the process of solving technical issues or requests is being greatly simplified. And it is beneficial for Companies that support Clients in different countries as GPT-4o ensures high-quality translation and language understanding.

GPT-4o, which allows more accurate and faster analysis of documents with visual content, made it possible to index graphs and other illustrations. For example, pharmaceutical industry researchers can now use AI-UniBot to find and analyze documents with such images. Thus, finding the necessary information and making solid decisions would be significantly expedited.

AI-model Embedding 3 is presented in two versions – text-embedding-3-small and text-embedding-3-large. They both significantly improve the quality of indexing and searching through text information, as they have better performance indicators in multilingual and English-language tasks. Therefore, AI-UniBot now provides better indexing and searching. This can be very useful in corporate environments where finding documents or data quickly and accurately is crucial. And while one new model provides increased accuracy and speed, having two models simultaneously gives additional flexibility to Customers. As now, when applying our AI solution, they can balance cost and quality in their cases.

In short, the transition of AI-UniBot to the latest versions of AI GPT-4o and Embedding 3 significantly improves its performance and optimizes the price-quality balance. So, our Clients using AI-UniBot would now be able to benefit from more interactive and effective business solutions and reduce their costs at the same time.


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