AI-UniBot: Crafting Unique AI Plugins in the Bot Designer

The UniBot Personal Assistant & Corporate Chatbot allows Users to create unique plugins precisely for their business processes with their unique features. For example, for Lawyers, this could be a plugin that automates, let's say, professional correspondence. For Content Managers a plugin for auto-creation, for example, the news articles for an external online resource. And even for Developers as a programming automation tool.

And all this is possible as soon as the User crafts their own AI plugin in the corresponding designer interface, which the Lizard Soft Developers have already equipped the administrative panel of the smart UniBot with. It's simple, fast, and works instantly!

The intelligent UniBot now includes the function to create customized plugins. Now Customers can easily adapt the chatbot work to their unique needs and business processes, and increase the efficiency of interaction with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Thus, customized plugins in the UniBot will allow Customers to create and save their specific requests to AI for repeated use, taking into account specific parameters such as the choice of language model (ChatGPT 3.5 or 4), temperature settings, Top_P, etc.

For example (and this is the easiest one), Content Managers, having created a plugin for themselves, will be able to adjust the presentation language, tone-of-voice, length, mandatory text components for auto-creation of news pieces for an external corporate website. Or posts for social networks. Right here, in the UniBot, these texts will be translated into other languages if the Client's online resources are multilingual.

Lawyers will be able to auto-create, for example, responses to inquiries: the UniBot will automatically extract all the necessary attributes from the text of an incoming letter (such as its type, Sender name and mail address, the content of the request, necessary actions on the part of the Recipient, etc.) and automatically formulate a response. Even with references to relevant articles of certain Laws, if the AI plugin is programmed to access the relevant knowledge base.

The UniBot AI plugins will definitely come in handy for IT Developers. For example, if their organization has decided to use the Microsoft stack for internal product development. And the Developer was tasked with migrating apps from Python to C#. This, as soon as the corresponding plugin is created, the UniBot will be able to do quickly and with no human intervention.

Not only automating such a routine obviously does free up resources that can be used for more complex, creative work. But also, greatly eases work with massive data, optimizing the processes of working with Client requests, analytics, and documentation.

How does it work? In UniBot's administrative interface, Business Administrators formulate a request to AI, configure AI parameters, and specify the necessary context (a knowledge base that UniBot will refer to in order to receive the most accurate and relevant answers). After saving, the new plugin is easily integrated into UniBot and becomes available through the chatbot's main menu for all Users.

In short, the updated UniBot with the function of crafting plugins provides Customers with a tool for the most accurate adjustment of the Artificial Intelligence work to specific business needs. After all, it is ok that not all Employees can create effective AI requests to perform their tasks. This can now be delegated to the most advanced AI Users. By creating a smart plugin for a certain department just once, this User will significantly speed up and facilitate the work of several Team members at once! And soon the Company will show a different, much more satisfactory level of productivity!

User request processing by an AI agent with plugins


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