UniBot: New Plugins for Powerful Search & Analytics!

Imagine your digital Personal Assistant not only understanding your every word (literally) but also performing complex actions by instantly accessing your data thanks to Microsoft Graph. This is how the UniBot Personal Assistant & Corporate Chatbot from Lizard Soft now works: it is equipped with powerful plugins that significantly increase your productivity and simplify your work processes. 

At the same time, your participation in them may well be limited to entering queries or even just voicing requests for the UniBot.

The UniBot v2 now is supported with plugins for integration with Microsoft Graph! This means that now, right through the chatbot, Users can receive information and also perform actions in the OneDrive cloud storage and throughout the SharePoint platform. As well as manage e-mails.

What is this for? So that you no longer waste time searching for files or e-mails that you need right now. The UniBot will do this very quickly by searching through OneDrive or SharePoint. All the power of Microsoft Graph search and analytics is now at the service of your Personal Assistant!

How does it work? It's simple: as soon as you enter a query or verbally give the UniBot a task, Microsoft Graph plugins will connect to access your resources. In this way, the bot, for instance, will find the necessary document. Or analyze and summarize in a few sentences incoming messages for the period you choose or from the sender you want. Or create and send an email on your behalf – all this will be done efficiently and instantly!

In short, with the new plugins for the UniBot v2, your work becomes easier, faster, and smarter. The more tasks the bot performs for you as quickly as possible, the more productive your workflow becomes! And this is exactly what the UniBot Personal Assistant & Corporate Chatbot exists for: to expand Users' capabilities. Now with the integration with Microsoft Graph, too.
The UniBot is your indispensable Assistant in the world of digital technologies!

The new plugins performing in the UniBot AI Assistant


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