UniBot Now Supports Linux and Docker Container Deployment

Lizard Soft is pleased to announce the update of our product – UniBot v2 Personal Assistant & Corporate Chatbot. Now UniBot v2 is much more flexible and accessible as it supports functioning not only in Windows but also in the Linux environment.

This means that our Customers can use the advantages of Linux to work with UniBot, such as stability, security, and open source.

In addition, UniBot v2 can now be deployed in a Docker Container (an environment for managing isolated Linux containers). This makes its deployment and management much simpler and more efficient. As Docker allows you to create light, isolated containers that contain all the necessary software for running an app, ensuring the coordinated functioning of the app with dependent frameworks and system components. That is, the app will work stably even during peak loads as it will always be functioning in the environment where it was developed and tested by the vendor.

Last but not least update is the ability to deploy UniBot v2 not only on App Service but also on Azure Container Apps and Azure Kubernetes Service.

Azure Container Apps makes it easy to deploy and scale modern apps from containers with minimal settings. Azure Kubernetes Service provides full control over the deployment and management of containerized apps using the popular Kubernetes environment, a platform for managing software running in containers and related services.

In short, with the UniBot v2 update, our Customers get additional practical benefits with Linux support, Docker integration, and advanced Azure deployment capabilities. These changes open new horizons for optimizing business processes and increasing business productivity.

The diagram of the CI/CD process using Azure DevOps and Azure Container Apps


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