AI-UniBot: AI-Driven Search Throughout Corporate Knowledge Base

Employees often have to spend a lot of time searching through a large volume of corporate documents of various formats – for example, webinar video recordings or even drawings. Additional time would also be spent on opening and analyzing search results, that are given by an ordinary software search engine. And even more additional time would be spent to realize that these results were not as relevant as possible. So you have to keep on searching.

Or entrust this challenge to the updated UniBot v2 Personal Assistant & Corporate Chatbot.

The intelligent UniBot v2 is now equipped with an AI-driven search that uses the capabilities of Azure AI Search (formerly known as Azure Cognitive Search) to provide the most accurate and relevant results. Now Artificial Intelligence formulates search queries following the context of the Users' questions: AI «remembers» the User's queries and its answers within a separate session or a certain number of recent question-answers cycles. So there is no need to explain what exactly it is about every time. Next, the AI analyzes the received data and offers specific answers, rather than a simple list of links.

Such a significant improvement in search quality is possible thanks to the latest technologies from Microsoft: in particular, Vector search, Hybrid search, and Semantic ranking. Vector Search allows you to search using vector models that provide a deeper understanding of the context. Hybrid search combines traditional and semantic search methods to select the best results. And Semantic ranking evaluates the relevance of documents to offer only the most relevant of them.

In short, thanks to UniBot v2 with AI-driven search, the process of finding important information within the corporate knowledge base becomes much easier and faster. After all, now the quality of the results – that is, giving the most accurate and relevant answers – is ensured by the high-tech search capabilities of Artificial Intelligence. This means that the time required for searching and analyzing information has been reduced to literally seconds.

The intelligent UniBot v2 is now equipped with an AI-driven search that uses the capabilities of Azure AI Search to provide the most accurate and relevant results


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