AI-UniBot: AI Secretary for Online Meetings


One of the most typical tasks of any company that develops and sets ambitious plans for itself is the effective holding of work meetings. Theoretically, it's quite simple: you get a schedule for such meetings, make an agenda, and share the necessary materials in advance. After the meeting, you just draw up meeting minutes, agree on decisions taken with the participants, and assign tasks that would record the decisions made.

In fact, routine tasks usually turn out to be the most difficult. Who would take the meeting minutes? Who sums it up? Who assigns the tasks and where to set them? It would be pretty good to have a secretary who'd do all this work. But with the current development of technology, having such a staff of secretaries is hardly a good idea. So, we've got one more task for Artificial Intelligence.

We have already refined our UniBot v.2 Personal Assistant & Corporate Chatbot and trained it to do this job for you.

Just add it to the group chat or communication channel where the discussion is taking place. And AI, as the best secretary, would transcribe the entire conversation. And after it ends, AI would sum it up, form short conclusions on each of the issues that were discussed, highlight the assigned tasks (namely: who is responsible, what is the deadline, and the essence of the assigned task), and register them in the corporate Task center. If you do not have a Task center, our other solution will come in handy. It's SafeDox Adaptive Case Management, in which the major share of tasks are already being performed by Artificial Intelligence.

In short, if you lack a strict and meticulous assistant who never gets sick or forgets, never misses a single word or working minute, UniBot v.2 Personal Assistant & Corporate Chatbot is definitely your choice.

An online meeting results made by the UniBot AI Secretary



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