AI-UniBot: ChatGPT\'s Artificial Intelligence is Now in Your Office

From now on, ChatGPT AI is working in the UniBot Corporate Chatbot & Personal Assistant. This greatly expanded the capabilities of UniBot in understanding the users' natural language (as, besides English, our chatbot communicates fluently in Ukrainian and is constantly improving it), and therefore also user requests.

So now UniBot can:

• prompt users on how to perform certain operations in IT systems. For example, how to share a file in OneDrive.

• sum up the minutes of your meetings or draw conclusions from reports. For example, summarize the financial report in two sentences or paragraphs.

• generate code or SQL queries based on the task.

• generate images according to the request.

• generate texts on a given topic.

• learn from your organization's data. For example, if there are described corporate policies, UniBot can suggest specifics to employees, for example, on the work schedule or even the dress code.

This was made possible by a partnership between Microsoft and OpenAI, which made ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence technology available on Microsoft Azure.

In short, that means the next Terminator could be born right in your Teams!
Just kidding! The current level of AI development allows humans to transfer more and more routine work to machines, focusing on things that AI will never achieve.

GPT-3.5 functioning in UniBot


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