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Internal enterprise portalAn enterprise portal is an internal website, through which the problem of intra-corporate data communications is completely solved. In fact, the internal enterprise portal is a single "window" of access for all employees to the company information flows, which is very practical and easy to use.

The enterprise portal integrates all forms of processing, storage, and transmission of information, as well as all types of communication in your organization, both formal - such as electronic document management, project management, distance training, employee and customer lists, directories, databases, telephone and address books etc. - and informal - such as forums, chats, blogs, communities, and much more.

For medium to large companies with a significant number of employees, agents, and customers, and an extensive branch structure, introduction of an enterprise portal is no longer a luxury but a real necessity. A well functioning internal enterprise portal helps each employee to save approximately 30% of their time when they search for necessary information or documents for each client, employee, or transaction, which certainly does increase the competitive advantage for any company.

Enterprise portals create a single data base that is available to all competent employees regardless of whether they work at the head office or at remote locations. The enterprise portal of the company allows for quick introduction of each employee to all important news and events of the company, such as orders, various innovations, rules, and new regulations etc.; this saves a considerable amount of time for general meetings.

Enterprise portals and benefits of their use

Creation of an enterprise portal of a company greatly facilitates the work of all employees of the organization and provides many advantages in solving business-related issues for various departments.

HR department's use of the internal enterprise portal

The HR department internal corporate website allows for successful accomplishment of the following tasks:

  • Recruitment of personnel
  • Adaptation of new employees
  • Creation of personnel reserve
  • Training of personnel
  • Personnel records
  • Personnel assessment
  • Improvement of interpersonal relations of employees

PR department's use of the internal enterprise portal

The PR department can use the internal corporate website of the company to facilitate the resolution of the questions:

  • Increased employee loyalty for the company
  • Operative informing of the personnel
  • Demystifying of unwanted rumors
  • Possibility of prompt communication with the management personnel

Management personnel use of the internal enterprise portal

Management personnel of the organization can use the internal site to successfully address such issues as:

  • Operative imforming of the personnel
  • Creation of the database of the company
  • Business process optimization
  • Electronic document processing
  • Making decisions based on current analysis
  • Quick setting and monitoring of tasks by the employees

IT department's use of the internal enterprise portal

The IT department of the company can use the internal website to successfully address the following tasks:

  • Easy user management
  • Reduction of tech support costs
  • Unified access of the personnel to information resources
  • Balanced distribution of server resources
  • High level of information protection

Personnel use of the internal enterprise portal

The personnel can use the internal website to successfully and comfortably address the following tasks:

  • Operative access to required information
  • Convenient and high-quality communication
  • Quick decision making
  • Collaboration on documents
  • Effective cooperation in various projects

Development of an enterprise portal

Development of an enterprise portalDevelopment of an enterprise portal. Development of an enterprise portal is a great opportunity for the company to get ahead of the competition and improve the quality and speed of customer service. The most popular and promising platforms for the development of the enterprise portal are Microsoft SharePoint and IBM WebSphere Portal.

The choice of the software environment for creation of an enterprise portal depends on many factors, such as companies' business objectives, current problems to be solved with the help of the enterprise portal of the company, organization's accepted software standards.

However, even the correct selection of the platform for internal enterprise website and successful implementation of an internal portal does not guarantee that the portal of the company will actually be actively used by employees.

Our advantages in the creation of an enterprise portal

Thanks to the vast experience that we have gained in the development of portals of companies and to the highly skilled programming personnel, we know how to make an internal website to facilitate the work of your company's employees and to save the time significantly and provide rapid return on investment from the implementation of the portal of the company.

Before creating the portal of the company, we conduct a mandatory professional expert research of the company to reveal the real needs and objectives of all the departments of the company; develop a technical specification for creation of the enterprise portal, which allows for the portal creation and implementation to be quick and efficient.

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