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OTP Bank - #1 bank in Hungary


«Obviously, that with Lizard Soft we succeeded to attain maximal efficiency in the processes of optimization of management by a personnel on a base SharePoint!»
Lilia Lazepko, Acting Chairman of the Board, «OTP Bank - #1 bank in Hungary»

Public Joint Stock Company "OTP Bank" is one of the largest banks as well as one of the key-players in the financial sector of Ukraine. The bank was founded in March 1998 as the Bank "Raiffeisenbank Ukraine" with the foreign investment.

In 2006, the OTP Bank Plc.,became the owner of the bank. The bank is the leader of the Hungarian banking sector, with the market share of 25% in Hungary. The institution was rebranded and entitled the OTP Bank (JSC "OTP Bank").

The Bank has a sustainable reputation of socially responsible, reliable, and stable structure, which offers its clients European quality services.

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