Paws of Good

«Paws of Good» is a joint charity project of the NGO «Give a paw» (Znamyanka, Kirovohrad region) and Lizard Soft. We want to help volunteers improve the living conditions of homeless animals and eradicate cruel treatment of them. In the conditions of the war – unfortunately, but it was quite predictable – these problems only intensified.

As of now, the team of Bohdana Stoyan, head of «Give a Paw», consists of four volunteers who, together with her, answer calls, catch homeless dogs and cats, treat them and even assist the doctor while the sterilization procedures.

With the participation of NGOs, photo exhibitions of animals and «lessons of kindness» are held in schools and kindergartens. There, «Give a paw» volunteers teach, in particular, the rules of behavior with homeless animals, and home care for pets. And, of course, they show photos of animals waiting to be adopted and the results of their work: photos «before» and «after» four-legged homeless ones got into their shelter.

NGO «Give a Paw» exists on the donations of caring people. Lizard Soft regularly provides such support. We assume that cat and dog lovers are the most among IT people. Therefore, of course, we just could not remain indifferent to these pets.

«Giving Out Your Puppies or Kittens to Any Stranger, You Don\'t Care of What Awaits Your «Baby»

...Bohdana playfully talks to a few-month-old puppy Chelsea, reaching out to pet her. Chelsea, a girl looking like a young shepherd dog with big, shiny black eyes and pointed ears, shows Bohdana her tummy to be rubbed. She moves too sluggishly, not like puppies do. Her place of «residence» is an oxygen box, which now serves as a medical isolator. A catheter is sticking out of the puppy's paw.

Chelsea is very sick…

The story of the almost-shepherd Chelsea is similar to hundreds of others: she was adopted by people whose previous dogs constantly disappeared. Chelsea has become the fourth in the last few years.

Since the puppy wasn't fed, she started wandering neighboring yards in search of food. Then one of the neighbors took her from the owner: it turned out that the puppy «wasn't needed» at all.

That same evening, Chelsea began to behave strangely: she refused to eat (even though she was clearly starving). She couldn't stand on her paws; she was constantly nauseous. Then Enteritis was diagnosed: inflammation of the mucous membrane of the small intestines, which is usually caused by the consumption of poor-quality food and/or acute infectious diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

That's how Chelsea became the first patient of an oxygen box purchased for the NGO «Give a Paw» with the help of the Lizard Soft company.

Bohdana Stoyan, head of the NGO «Give a Paw»
«The box was delivered to us on April 4. And that same evening, the puppy became ill. In addition to the above symptoms, she also had a low temperature. That's why the warm floor, which the box isolator is equipped with, came in handy right away.»
The oxygen box for oxygen therapy of animals in critical condition
Little Chelsea in the oxygen box: now it serves as an isolator and a warmer

According to Bohdana, Chelsea started feeling better pretty quickly. In just five days of correct treatment, care, and warming up in the box, she completely recovered. And five days is a great result, emphasizes Bohdana.

Bohdana Stoyan, head of the NGO «Give a Paw»
«We helped her in time. She had been vaccinated and this increased her chances of survival and a quick recovery with the right treatment. We haven't yet purchased an actual oxygen device (ed.: oxygen concentrator) that would allow us to perform oxygen therapy. But the box has already proven itself perfectly as an isolator with a warm floor. It's being easily disinfected, and this contributes to a faster recovery.»

In the future, when the oxygen box will be equipped with a concentrator, animals in critical condition would be able to receive intensive treatment there. It will be possible for those with difficulty breathing or respiratory failure, heart failure, injuries and shock, poisoning, difficult childbirth, or the need to recover from surgical operations. Oxygen therapy, Bohdana notes, increases the effectiveness of drugs and shortens recovery time.

Chelsea is now healthy, but still on a diet, she consumes special food for emaciated dogs. It was also purchased with the help of Lizard Soft.

Bohdana Stoyan, head of the NGO «Give a Paw»
«I'd like to emphasize what all the volunteers say: when you give out your puppies or kittens to any stranger, you don't care of what awaits your «baby». And very often it ends up on the roads, in shelters, or at volunteers'. Do not be indifferent to the future of your pet! Follow the simplest rules for keeping it: treatment against parasites and vaccinations! It's very important!»
Chelsea after recovery is a cheerful and loveable puppy
Special meal for exhausted animals is Chelsea's diet for the coming days

Chelsea is now looking for a family again. And on «her» warm place in the isolation box there is an injured cat, which was picked up from the street by volunteers of the NGO «Give a Paw».

We at the Lizard Soft Company are sincerely glad that such a serious purchase, an oxygen box, immediately proved itself so well! That the special meal, which we also helped with, was bought in a very timely manner.

However, we're sure that for our common world to be safe and comfortable for all of us, only quality treatment, right food, and dedicated volunteers in animal shelters are not enough. The second, key half of the matter is the responsibility of the pet owners: for the health of their pets, for sterilization, for the future of the cubs, if any, and for not spreading homelessness among pets.